Seasons and Relationships

Lately, I have learned a lot about relationships and singleness. Our society today tells us you are not complete until you are in a relationship/engaged/married. However, I think there is something SO special about being single.

As women, we put so much focus on finding our “soulmate” and constantly being on the hunt for the “one”. With our focus on this, where does Christ fall? It can be so easy to get wrapped up in pursuing relationships that we stop pursuing Jesus. When we place our worth in a person, we forget that our worth lies in Jesus Christ.

Today, I took a class on “chazown”—Hebrew (pronounced khaw-ZONE): a dream, purpose or vision.

Throughout the class we looked at three main categories: Past Experiences, Core Values and Spiritual Gifts… it was so eye-opening to see where the three overlapped and I feel like God truly put on my heart a purpose that I hadn’t been able to express.

He also opened my eyes to see that, you know what…, it’s okay to be in a season of singleness. Honestly, I have been one of those women that has set my eyes on relationships and neglects to set my eyes on God.

Do I have opportunities to date guys? Yes. Would I like to date someone? Well, of course.

But for now, God has closed the door on dating. I have to be accept that and believe that God has a purpose for me being single.

I don’t want to limit God’s ability to work through me because I’m so wrapped up in dating. Obviously, God is never limited; but, I want to pursue Jesus more than ever before and have my mind/heart open to what His plans are for my life—not what I want my life to be like with someone else. I believe that God has a purpose for each and every one of us—He is waiting on us to seek it out.

So maybe right now I am in a season of singleness and guess what?! I’m completely okay with that! I don’t know how long this season will last, but you can bet that I am just trusting that God has a plan and it will all turn out like it is supposed to. I am

Friends let me ask you this—what is your passion or purpose in this life and how can God use your season of life to pursue that?